Adobe Design Summit brings together designers, engineers and product managers within Adobe to explore different perspectives of collaborative work and the future of design as represented through a series of abstract posters designed by Sonja HernandezAnny Chen and Angelie Herreria.

AR animations created by Brian Yap, Lidia Lukianova and Steve Ogden enhance the printed posters and show how the elements morph, zoom and transform to bring the viewer into a magical world of art and creativity. 

The illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. For the AR part, we used HP Reveal Studio tools and mobile app.

Storyboards for each of the poster animations created on an iPad in Adobe Sketch app.
Scrolling loop animation played on a larger screen during the event. Animation by Very True Story. Music by Brian Yap.
The AR animations can be viewed through HP Reveal app on an iPhone.

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